My Ginger Bean on her princess “bike”.

For the past 5 months I’ve been keeping track of Emma’s vocabulary, jotting down each new word she learns in my iPhone. In the past I’ve documented her growing vocabulary using a graphic made up of photos of the words she knows says. This month, though, Emma added so many new words to her vocabulary that if I continued with the graphic it would take me until next year to complete and the file would be so large I wouldn’t be able to upload it.

I really loved using that dang graphic, though, because it was such a non-boring way to present rather mundane information (I don’t expect you to think my child’s vocabulary is exciting even though she’s the smartest almost-2-year-old alive and everything about her is exciting), but it’s time to resort to the good ol’ list method. Lame, I know. But oh, well.

As always, new words are only added to the list if Emma uses them consistently and in the correct context. If she says “blue” once and never says it again, or if she says it whenever you ask her anything, like “what’s your name, yo?”, then it isn’t added to the list. I’m not one of those moms that embellishes my kids’ accomplishments for praise because I don’t need to embellish their accomplishments. They’re all so smart they’ve basically known what every word ever means from birth anyway 😉 .

(To read more about where I got the Pinspiration for this, check out this article.)

[heading]New words Emma says at 23 months*:[/heading]

*These words are listed in the order that RJ and I noticed she learned them.
[column size=”1-3″]

  • Potty
  • Fly
  • Bush
  • Tree
  • Bless you
  • Sleep/ing
  • Grass
  • Glasses

[column size=”1-3″]

  • Milk
  • Sticker
  • Walk
  • Truck
  • Berries
  • Hey buddy
  • Where
  • Diaper

[column size=”1-3″ last=”1″]

  • Wait
  • It’s broken
  • Stinky
  • Icky
  • Off
  • Pants
  • All done


Last month Emma didn’t really add any new words to her vocabulary but she more than made up for it this month, which is good because I was starting to think maybe she’d topped out. Ha! Not really.

In addition to basically having the largest vocabulary of any 23 month old alive, she’s also pretty good at smashing those words together and making sentences out of ’em. Oh, and she understands, like, everything no matter what language you say it in. Which is really only English because that’s the only one RJ and I know. But if we did speak to her in another language I’m sure she’d know what we’re saying because, well, didn’t we cover this already?

For realz, though. Over the last month her vocabulary grew as fast as an adolescent boy after 22 straight hours of sleeping.

She continued to string words together into short phrases and sentences (“Baby sleeping”; “Here Mommy”; “More milk, please”; “Here you go, Mommy. Mommy’s shoes”; etc.), and her comprehension continued to improve. I’ve been especially impressed with her ability to receive instruction, process it, and follow it in an order that makes sense. Like when I ask her to throw away a small piece of trash, bring me a diaper so that I can change her, and put away her shoes, she will complete each task in the order it makes sense to, which might not necessarily be the order that I gave her the tasks. I guess what I’m trying to say is her memory and reasoning abilities have impressed me a lot lately.

She’s also learned almost all the “major” body parts. And not just when you tell her to show you her ____ (fill in the blank). You can point to a body part on yourself (or a stuffed animal or baby doll), ask her “What’s this?” and she’ll tell you. Because she’s a genius (she got it from me). Here’s a little drawing she did of all the body parts she knows. Pretty good, right? Okay, fine. It’s a little drawing I did. I know. It’s pretty not good, yeah? Yeah.

Emma drew this picture and then labeled it with the parts of the body she knows.

[heading]Other milestones I’ve noticed:[/heading]

[list style=”black-bullet”]

  • She is skilled at opening doors, both the standard round “knobs” and the actual handles. She has also figured out how to unlock the deadbolt on the front door so we constantly have to make sure she isn’t trying to make a run for it.
  • She feeds herself with real-person-sized flatware. She’s been doing this for months, actually, but only in the past couple of weeks have I noticed that her coordination during feeding has improved (drastically), and she hold forks and spoons “correctly”.
  • She can count to 2. She will “count” higher by randomly throwing out random numbers (usually “fooouuurrrr” and “fiiiiiiiiive”) but when she counts to 2 she seems to understand the concept behind it.
  • She’s become increasingly interested in dressing herself (well, undressing herself, actually) and she’s still obsessed with her potty even though she won’t go in it. She’s also obsessed with following RJ and me to the bathroom anytime we head that way, and she yells “Mommy pee pee!” or “Daddy poo poo!” as her little chunky legs waddle-run after us. Then she stands there while we do our business, says “pee-eww”, hands us a 1,000 square long “piece” of toilet paper, and then says “Mommy pee pee bye bye” or “Daddy poo poo bye bye” as she stands over the toilet and flushes it while waving. Then she slams the lid down and waddle-runs away, clapping and yelling “yaaaayyyy!” Every time, folks. Every time. I swear I don’t make this stuff up.
  • She associates processes with their corresponding event. Like when we tell her to get ready to go bye-bye, she brings everyone their shoes, puts on her own (sometimes on the right feet, usually not), brings baby his bottle and blanket, and stands at the front door pointing up at the hooks where our sunglasses and keys are hanging, yelling “Glasses! Please! Mommy! Keys! Daddy!” Or like when I change the baby’s diaper. She’ll bring me all of his diaper changing supplies, stand over me and say “pee-eww” as I change him, then she scurries over to pick up his dirty diaper and runs to the diaper genie and throws it away. And like when Madden goes to bed. She stands over the bathtub with me while I bathe him, buckles him in his swing (he won’t sleep laying down), puts his blanket over him, and shoves the bottle in his mouth. Then she kisses him and says “night-night, baby”. This happens almost every night. I feel very lucky to have a toddler that’s also a ginger who doesn’t try to kill “the baby” every chance she gets.
  • She also mimics behavior. She’s obsessed with getting her own food and drink out of the fridge, which was cute at first but is super irritating now. She also likes to put on the Baby Bjorn and shove her baby doll in there; put her diapers on her baby doll; strap her baby doll in Madden’s car seat; buckle her baby doll in her high chair; and put her baby doll “night night”.
  • She has grabbed hold of the whole “I’m injured” concept and runs around pointing at different body parts and saying “boo boo”. So then I kiss her billion injuries and she smiles, claps, and says “no more boo boo!” Until 3 seconds later when she comes back over with some other ailing part of her body.
  • She is VERY territorial over her Daddy. She gets freakishly upset any time he shows the slightest attention to Madden or me, or if I try to hug him or kiss him or stand within 30 feet of him. She will do 1 of 2 things. Either she will 1) collapse on the floor wherever she is at and cry a slow, sad cry as she pleads “my daddyyyyyyyyy!”, or she will 2) run over to where RJ and I are and look at me with her furrowed brow and soulless ginger eyes and push me away screaming “NOOOO! My daddyyyyyyyy!” At this point in her life it’s just better if RJ and I never interact. I think she’s already trying to pit us against each other so when she wants to stay out past curfew that one night with those friends of her we don’t trust in, like, 14 years she’ll be able to sweet talk her way into it by playing us. Tricky, tricky.


Okay, well that’s about it for this month. Below is a list of all the words Emma says. I think. RJ and I keep looking this thing over and over and we’re pretty sure we got ’em all. Maybe not. Whatever. There’s, like, a billion words on here, anyway, so whatever.

[heading]The complete list (160+ words):[/heading]

[column size=”1-5″]

  • Airplane
  • All
  • Apple
  • Arm
  • Ashes
  • Baby
  • Ball
  • Balloon
  • Banana
  • Bath
  • Belly
  • Berries
  • Bike
  • Bite
  • Blankie
  • Bless you
  • Boo boo
  • Boogies
  • Book
  • Boy
  • Bracelet
  • Briseis
  • Broken
  • Bubbles
  • Bunny
  • Bush
  • Button
  • Bye bye
  • Car
  • Cereal
  • Chair
  • Chase
  • Cheek


[column size=”1-5″]

  • Cheese
  • Chest
  • Chin
  • Chip
  • Choo choo
  • Clean up
  • Cookie
  • Cow
  • Cracker
  • Cup
  • Daddy
  • Diaper
  • Done
  • Dora
  • Down
  • Ear
  • Eat
  • Elbow
  • Elmo
  • Emma
  • Eye
  • Feet
  • Fingers
  • Fish
  • Flower
  • Fly
  • Food
  • Froggy
  • Glasses
  • Go
  • Gone
  • Goofy
  • Grass

[column size=”1-5″]

  • Hair
  • Hand
  • Hat
  • Head
  • Help
  • Here
  • Hey
  • Hi
  • Horsey
  • Hot
  • Icky
  • Juice
  • Keys
  • Kiss
  • Kitty
  • Knee
  • Leg
  • Light
  • Lion
  • Mama
  • March
  • Meow Meow
  • Milk
  • Mine
  • Mommy
  • Monkey
  • Moo Moo
  • More
  • Mouth
  • Night-night
  • No
  • Nose
  • Off

[column size=”1-5″]

  • Oink Oink
  • Okay
  • Open
  • Outside
  • Oww
  • Pants
  • Park
  • Pee pee
  • Phone
  • Piggy
  • Please
  • Poo poo
  • Pop pop
  • Potty
  • Puppy
  • Quack quack
  • Raining
  • Ribbit Ribbit
  • Ring
  • Roar
  • Seashells
  • Seat
  • See
  • Share
  • Shirt
  • Shoes
  • Sleep/ing
  • Slide
  • Snack
  • Soap
  • Socks
  • Sorry

[column size=”1-5″ last=”1″]

  • Star
  • Sticker
  • Stinky
  • Stop
  • Swing
  • Teddy
  • Teeth
  • Thank you
  • This
  • Tie
  • Toes
  • Tommy
  • Tongue
  • Toodles
  • Trash
  • Tree
  • Truck
  • TV
  • Uh oh
  • Up
  • Wait
  • Walk
  • Water
  • Whale
  • What(‘s)
  • Where
  • Whoa
  • Woof woof
  • Yay
  • Yes
  • Yogurt
  • Yummy



  1. Wow! This is the most amazing update post ever. So thorough. I really enjoyed reading it – especially seeing all of the words she knows. And that HAIR! Love it.


    • I can only hope she grows up loving her hair as much as everyone else does; you know how kids tend to hate what they have and envy what they don’t — especially when it comes to girls and such “superficial” things. *sigh*

      I was absolutely HORRIBLE at keeping track of memories and milestones with my oldest, so I think I’ve begun to overcompensate by keeping track of every teeny tiny detail with my two youngest! I’m sure it’ll be awesome to look back on years (even months, actually) down the road!

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